Kryolan Professional Make-Up has long been the favorite brand of professional Makeup Artists and elite Makeup Schools. Since 1945 Kryolan has developed all our own products using exceptional ingredients and innovative manufacturing techniques. Products unrivaled in quality and craftsmanship that exceed the expectations of professionals and are loved by millions around the globe. From Oscar winning films to the top fashion runways around the world, Kryolan Professional Make-Up products are the number one choice for the best makeup artists and their A-list clients.

Kryolan Emporium is Kryolan’s first consumer beauty concept store globally. For the first time, not only A list celebrities and runway models have access to Kryolan Professional Make-Up, everyday Australia consumers can now be introduced to this Hollywood, Runway and Theatre legendary brand. You too, can have the lasting glamor and flawless look of your favourite celebrities and runway models.

Kryolan Professional Make-Up is the first color cosmetic brand meeting the strictest European EnCARF certification. We cooperate with leading dermatologists and use ingredients of highest purity for unbeatable skin compatibility.

No Kryolan product has ever been tested on animals since our existence 70 years ago.

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